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Our Story

We met way back when this century was only new… the 21st century that is!

Rayka Education was born from many shared passions, not the least is our passion for education, laughter, coffee, travel, photography, and those special ‘after five’ beverages!

Our love of education and travel has taken us to the shores of France where we studied Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy in Provence; to the Netherlands where we completed an Intensive Course in Fusion Aromatherapy™ and Palliative Care; and to Ireland and England. Our travels have given us the chance to attend the Botanica conferences and the Aromatica Australia conferences. They are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the globe. What happens at these conferences stays at these conferences … except the knowledge sharing bits!

It was on one of our visits to Dublin, Ireland, we visited the Chester Beattie Museum – and as every great museum has ‘the shop’ on exit – Chester Beattie was no different – it was here we found ‘our cog’ which has since morphed into our logo. (You can see it at the top of the page!)

We like the simplicity of one cog – to us it signifies time, space, and room to grow like our own individual learning adventures. While some people identify our cog as a flower and we do love this interpretation, to us it symbolises the perpetual motion of learning.

A stylised orange cog with eight spokes, used as the Rayka Education logo
The Rayka Education logo

Our business name, Rayka Education, was born after a visit to our accountant and being told if we were to become a business, we needed a name. And we needed this name within a few hours. Rayka is a blend of our surnames, Rea and Carr, and as you can see, we’ve employed a smidge of poetic licence in its spelling. We felt ReaCarr looked rather boring – something we are not!

We share a strong ethic in regard to education – the knowledge we share with our students reflects our own learnings through life as therapists and educators – for us that journey is continuous. As all good photographers – our cameras are close by our sides. In our lessons we use as many of our own photos as possible to tell the story about the plants, the region, and the people. Believe us, we have some great stories to share with our students!

We strongly believe in giving our students a solid foundation in all areas of aromatherapy education, allowing them to explore, grow and develop their passion in a safe environment.


Fiona and Elizabeth

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