Learn more about Fiona Carr and Elizabeth Rea, the friendly and experienced natural therapists, tactile therapists and certified trainers and assessors behind Rayka Education.

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Photo of Rayka Education founder and tactile therapist, Fiona Carr

Fiona Carr

Fiona Carr has been involved in the natural health industry since the year 2000. She is a qualified, accredited, and experienced natural therapist. She actively practices in her busy private clinic in Gerringong on the NSW South Coast, where she specialises in Clinical Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Remedial massage and Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphoedema). Fiona holds various Australian and international qualifications, along with being a recognised, certified trainer and assessor. She continues to extend her knowledge and skills by studying, attending workshops and conferences around the world. She is regarded as an expert in her field and a knowledgeable teacher. Along with being a successful natural therapist Fiona is very passionate about education. Her expertise lies in a dedicated pursuit of aromatherapy and its healing potential. She spends time sharing her knowledge through workshops and lecturing at natural therapy colleges in the Sydney region and South Coast of NSW.

The whole purpose of Education is to change mirrors into windows.

Sydney J Harris
Photo of Rayka Education founder and tactile therapist, Elizabeth Rea

Elizabeth Rea

Elizabeth Rea has been interested in natural therapies in the late 1980’s and has completed courses in Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, Chinese Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage, along with being a recognised, certified trainer and assessor. Elizabeth has practised at a number of clinics in the Sydney area but now concentrates more on her lecturing. She has lectured at various Sydney natural therapy colleges since 1995 and at TAFE (in Sydney). Elizabeth regularly travels overseas to continue her aromatherapy studies and keep abreast of the latest developments relevant to this subject matter. Elizabeth enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with her students, those potential healers of the future, so that they too may find their path and enjoy their journey of exploration and healing.
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